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FT Trainings was created by a group of professional FTBLs driven by hunger and ambition who believe that any goal is obtainable by WORKING HARD, WORKING SMART and TRUSTING YOURSELF.


Our sole purpose is to empower. Empower every individual to strive for his goals by any means necessary. The football reality is tough - less than 1% achieve their dreams of becoming a professional footballer. So it is a constant play on your self-conscious to be the hungriest, grind as hard as you can and never be out worked by anyone.

"If you want to become world-class in any field you have to spend 10 000 hours of deliberate practice in this field " 
- Malcolm Gladwell

Does it work in football? The biggest number of professional football players comes from Brazilian Favelas. Brazilians, playing barefoot on the streets, achieve 10 000 hours of practice by the age of 15  - it's about 3,5 hours per day starting from the age of 7.

So that we can say for sure that 10 000 hours of practice is just a foundation that has to be laid if your goal is to become a world-class football player.

Because of the extensive experience of our specialists and unique access to training systems of world-class  football players, we were able to create an effective training program that is oriented specifically on achieving client's goals and objectives. We don't train to make a team, we train individuals striving to make them champions.

FT Culture Code

Through comprehensive assessments, we provide customized workplans with clear goals and strategies. 


Using latest technologies and equipment, our training strategies are geared towards developing critical and essential skills such as decision making, creative thinking, space awareness and etc.


Through interactive sessions, we teach players how to discover their inner strength points as we guide them towards developing and better using their skills. 


Our training strategies develop strong team players with great interpersonal skills and with the ability to work both confidently and efficiently. 

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Personalized meals are devised to ensure healthy and nutritious intake of the proper amount and type of food.

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