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FT Trainings Online In-Season is designed specifically for those who have regular training sessions with a team during a week but want to focus more on improving individual skills. The program is made up of 12 unique training sessions on the field with video demonstration of every drill. You will learn how to work smart and follow a structurred programme where you will see improvements in performance and individual areas - in technical ones, such as dribbling, shooting, ball receiving and ball mastery, and physical ones - such as quickness, explosiveness, speed & changing direction. All drills are unique and were tested by professional football players. For the first time we have made our training system available so wherever you are in the world you have everything to start training like a PRO. After the purchase the program stays with you forever. 

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Tested and approved by elite football players from EPL and Primera Liga

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Fully Mobile Optimized for you to take the plan to the pitch

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Over 72 unique drills with video demonstration

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